Rivereed Puppy Contract




This contract is between Rivereed Golden Retrievers,           (Breeder),        and         (Buyer)          

If at any point the buyer can no longer keep their Rivereed Golden Retriever puppy, we MUST be notified and have first right of refusal to said dog. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any Rivereed Golden Retriever puppy be surrendered to a rescue or shelter of any kind.

If the buyer is unhappy with their puppy for any reason, the puppy can be brought back to us in good health within one week for a replacement of equal value or a full refund minus the deposit. Buyer is responsible for all costs with the puppy’s return.

Health Warranty. 

We offer a two-year health warranty on our puppies.

This warranty covers puppies that are diagnosed with a hereditary defect that both the dam and sire have been tested for (hips, eyes, heart, and elbows) and hereditary problems resulting in the dog being not functional or not breedable before 26 months of age. We must receive a written letter from the owner’s veterinarian if a hereditary issue is suspected.

  • If the dog cannot pass an OFA orthopedic hip exam or OFA orthopedic elbow exam, we must be sent the radiographs and results via email before the dog is 26 months of age. (AKC only recognizes OFA so we will not honor Penn Hip or any other registry).


  • If the dog cannot pass an OFA cardiology exam or ophthalmology exam before 26 months of age, we must be notified and sent the results of the OFA exam.


  • Cardiology exams MUST be given by a licensed veterinary cardiologist.


  • Eye exams MUST be given by a licensed veterinary ophthalmologist.



  • Trauma or human error of any sort. This includes but is not limited to, eye trauma, hip, elbow or any joint trauma, torn cruciate ligaments, torn ACL, heartworm disease.

*We recommend that pups are kept on year round heartworm prevention through the entirety of their lives per American Heartworm Society guidelines.*

  • Breeder options on an OFA ophthalmology exam. (Breeder options are not failed exams).


In order for dog to be covered under this warranty..

  • The dog must be 26 months of age or younger.
  • The dog must have RIVEREED, spelled correctly, as the prefix of its AKC registered name before the age of 24 months.
  • The dog must not have sired or whelped a litter.
  • The dog must be owned by the original owner stated on the puppy application and not have changed ownership.


In order to qualify for a replacement puppy..

  • We must be notified of the issues as stated above by telephone or email.
  • The puppy must be returned to us in good health within 14 days of diagnosis.
  •  All the requirements from this contract must be met.


As long as all requirements are met, the owner will be eligible for a full refund or a puppy from our next litter.

If owner decides to keep the dog, we require the proof of spay or neuter of said dog. If this requirement is met, buyer will be eligible for another puppy for one half of the price of a puppy from the next litter.              



All puppies will be sold with AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION. This means that your puppy will be registered, but no offspring will be eligible for registration. If the owner wishes to obtain full AKC registration, they must pass all of the health clearances in accordance with GRCA Code of Ethics (hips, elbows, eyes, advanced cardiac) and have results of a full Golden Retriever DNA Panel testing which includes PRA1, PRA2, PRA,PRCD, DM, ICH, and NCL. Health Clearances must be summited through OFA. Once this information is submitted to us and it has been reviewed, the dog will be eligible for full registration.


We take this contract and our breeding program very seriously and work hard to make sure the buyer has a healthy puppy and is happy with his or her purchase.

The purchaser of the Rivereed Golden Retriever puppy has read and understands this contract. Buyer is aware that the warranty of said puppy will be void if the contract is broke at anytime. 


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Seller: Shay Groulx