About Us

Welcome to Rivereed Goldens located in Millington, Michigan.

We are a small breeder focusing on quality and dedicated to producing healthy, smart and athletic field bred Goldens Retrievers. We love this breed and believe in bettering the breed as well as staying true to the well known and loved Golden Retriever traits. All of our dogs are registered through the American Kennel Club as well as have been health tested through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. As members of The Golden Retriever Club of America, we follow the code of ethics set by GRCA; testing our dogs' hips, elbows, eyes and hearts, as well as running full genetic DNA panels. We are very proud of the genetics and pedigree of our lovely pack!

How we got started..

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be raised on a farm with my family owning a generous amount land. I was blessed to be surrounded by all of the animals a little girl could ever dream of! At a young age I developed my own love for hunting, fishing and agriculture. In August of 2015, I graduated from my 4-H career. I had so much love for livestock and animal science, but more specifically, cattle genetics. My whole life was dedicated to raising and showing livestock so when it was over I was anxious to invest my time into something new. Since hunting is a love of mine as well, I purchased my first Golden, Reed, in November of 2015; looking for a puppy to train to compete in AKC hunt tests. Soon after that I was hired into the veterinary medicine field where I could expand my knowledge and turn my focuses to canine health and genetics.

 A year and a half later, with Reed being my partner and best friend, he had earned a CD obedience title and not long after that, a JH hunting title.  There is no other feeling like working together as a team with your dog and accomplishing your goals. So with that being said, I saved my pennies and purchased River in October of 2018. I went on to choosing the name "Rivereed" to continue a nature theme as well as using the names of the two dogs that started this all for me.

I fell head over heals for this breed and made it my goal to raise and produce exceptional working dogs, as well as family pets that have the genetics to back up their solid pedigrees. A good breeder has the important job of keeping the pure bred breeds pure, and that is what we intend to do.

I married my husband Chris, October 23. 2021. He was crazy enough to join me and our five dogs on this journey, and he has proven himself an important member of our pack. Our dreams and goals for our program are coming together as we work our way towards them. Our life is a little crazy and messy but it is ours and we would love to take you on the journey with us!

Thank you for your interest and support,






Meet Zima
"Uzima Del Camino Duro"

Zima is the fifth dog in our pack mentioned above. She was eleven months old when she made me her home, coming to me only a month after bringing home River. 

Zima is a very special girl, she was born in Germany and flew to the US when she was a young pup. She had already been training for protection work, or what is called "schutzhund". I continued training with her until March of 2020.

She now lives the luxurious life of being a house dog and part Golden Retriever.