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  1. We are so fortunate to have a Rivereed pup from the 2021 litter. Jax has been an incredible addition to our family. When we picked up Jax, Shay was extremely organized and thorough with the paperwork going through everything in great detail. Shay and Chris had done an amazing job socializing the puppies so the transition from their home to ours was seamless. He adapts to every new situation with ease and loves everyone, especially children. We are amazed at how calm he is around elderly people where he will just settle in at their feet or give them a gentle lick. Around the home, he is extremely well-behaved and always nearby (even in bed!). Outside, Jax is defintiely full of energy, loves snow, water and has a natural ability to want to flush out birds on our walks through the woods. Jax has had Level 1 Obedience training where he excelled. Our next venture is agility which starts in a couple weeks. Jax is truly a beautiful dog – very well balanced, has fluid motion, extremely handsome and a coat that shines like copper – we get comments from everyone. We are blessed to have Jax in our life and cannot thank Shay and Chris enough for the effort they put into producing quality puppies. We highly recommend Rivereed and can only hope that someday we are fortunate to have another puppy.

  2. We lost Dakota, our dear rescue mutt, to cancer in summer of 2021, and we were very picky about getting another dog. We considered and ultimately passed on several litters and rescues, not because they were bad dogs or breeders, but because it felt like a betrayal of our irreplaceable Dakota.

    Rivereed welcomed us to visit the Jack x River litter without expectation. The first surprise was Shay giving us directions to their house – on *Dakota Avenue*. Seeing a smaller space with several adults dogs, we expected to get mobbed or at least barked at/jumped on as we walked in. Instead we found a handful of polite, relaxed, exercised, well-behaved and well-groomed dogs, which CANNOT be easy. We were very impressed by Shay not just as a breeder, but also as a trainer/owner.

    River is an absolute sweet girl, and even though we intentionally picked the “sassy dog of the litter,” her daughter Maple is, too. You can tell Shay really cares with the genetic testing and puppy care she does, and Maple has been everything we hoped for and more. A little friendly mischief 😊, but absolutely good-natured, no bad habits to untrain, and no health issues. Maple truly is the sister Dakota never got to meet…

    We have recommended Rivereed to friends and family, and if we find ourselves looking for another dog down the road we will definitely be checking in for a brother/sister or cousin. Thank you for Maple, and thank you Shay, River, and Jack for helping to patch the hole in our family.

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