MK’s Just Ledoux It CGC

Whelped: 03/23/2021

Link to heath certs and pedigree:

Heart: GR-BCA4160/12F/C-VPI
Hips: GR-140988G24F-C-VPI
Elbows: GR-EL60636F24-C-VPI


Call Name:


We purchased Leddi from Ponderay Goldens in 2021. 

We are very displeased to announce that Leddi is no longer part of our breeding program as she has been diagnosed with hereditary juvenile cataracts and can not pass an eye exam.

This is currently not effecting her vision, but being diagnosed as hereditary, she will pass it along to her puppies. 

Although Leddi is not longer a breeding candidate, she is still part of our home and family.