MK’s Just Ledoux It

Sire: MK’s Locked and Loaded Tank SH
Dam: MK’s Justus For All

Whelped: 03/23/2021

Link to heath certs and pedigree:

Heart: GR-BCA4160/12F/C-VPI
Hips: GR-140988G24F-C-VPI
Elbows: GR-EL60636F24-C-VPI


Call Name:


We purchased Leddi from Ponderay Goldens in 2021. I loved the looks and temperment of both of her parents, Tank and Justus and thought a Ponderay puppy would be a nice addition to our pack.

Leddi is a sweet Golden girl with a very mellow and laid back temperament. She loves to be active and loves a good retrieve but is very quiet in the house unless wrestling with the pack or running around with a new toy. She is a great house dog being very gentle in everything that she does. Her house manners are impeccable and do not typically need to be reinforced. She tends to be more submissive and needs a light and kind training style to keep her drive level up. For me, this was a learning experience as the rest of the pack is very drivey and confident. Leddi taught me that all dogs have different personalities and some just need different training styles, and that's okay!

As for her physical features, Leddi outshines the pack. She is absolutely stunning from head to tail. She has a beautiful square "blocky like" head, is thick bodied and has an attractive feather tail. Added into her beautiful confirmation is her gorgeous dark coat fading into blonde at her hind end and and belly area. Leddi has that perfect fielding coat with just the right amount of coarseness to repel water and dry quickly.

Leddi's future includes obedience, tracking and therapy work. Although we would love to put a Junior Hunter title on her, nose work and people pleasing is where she thrives!

Pedigree of “MK’s Just Ledoux It”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
MK’s Locked & Loaded Tank SH HR SHR MK’s Rowdy Boys Raisin A Ruckus JH
HRCH UH Heldts Mr Strike 3 Your Out
HRCH UH Emma Bee Payne SH
Old Oak’s Under The Red Sky JH
HRCH and UH Epoch Deveron River MH20 WCX *** OS CCA Can JH WCX
Old Oak’s Big Shoes to Fill SH WCX
Mk’s Justus For All Master’s Arizona Diamondback MH WCX
Goldnguns Rough N Ready Rebel MH QA2 WCX
Master’s Lil Bit Of Sunglow SH WCX
Master’s Thistle Rock No April Fool
Thistle Rocks Max Q Elusive Confederate MH22 QA2 WCX
Thistle Rocks Thunderstruck By Joy JH **