River x Vega 

*Currently accepting applications*

We are pleased to announce the breeding of River to Vega! 
We have searched long and hard to find the perfect stud to pair with River and believe we have found him in Vega.
This pairing is expected to produce exceptional working pups for all disciplines including obedience, agility, hunt tests, field trial prospects and more.

River has been bred to Vega and we have confirmed the pregnancy!
Puppies will arrive over the Thanksgiving holiday.



Vega is a very intelligent and athletic dog with major work ethic and a will to please. He has a beautiful pedigree full of champions and high titled dogs in both performance and field work dating back more than five generations.
Vega has had a very successful working career himself, including the accomplishments of being a five time Obedience Trial Champion, two time Master Agility Champion, Preferred Agility Champion, Rally Champion and a Hunting Retriever Champion. He has earned the titles of Master Hunter, Utility Dog Excellent X8, Obedience Grand Master, Rally Master, Master Silver Agility, Master Silver Jumper with Weaves, Sent Work Container Novice, Trick Dog Performer, Therapy Dog Title, and the Conformation Assessment Certificate awarded by the Golden Retriever Club of America. 
With all of his success, Vega has also earned his way into The Obedience Dog Hall of Fame, The Agility Dog Hall of Fame and The Preferred Agility Dog Hall of Fame. 

Vega is owned, trained, and handled by Joanne Bockhorn.
She has done a wonderful job with him and we are very excited to work with them both. 
Joanne speaks very highly of Vega, not only for his awards and accomplishments, but for his kind and sweet personality. 
Vega is an all around dog, who can go on any trip or meet any person and always keep a level head and a high level of confidence.
We believe all of these attributes will pair beautifully with River for an outstanding litter.
Vega meets the GRCA code of ethics requirements, being current on all of his OFA clearances. His DNA panel is clear.

Topbrass 'Till The River Runs Dry BCAT


They say good things come in small packages. 
River is a beautiful girl standing only 22" from the ground to her withers and averaging about 55 pounds. But don't let size fool you, this girl is a power house, a retrieving machine, compacted into a petite little frame. 
 She has a gorgeous, glossy, eye catching coat with flecks of medium and dark gold.
"Drive" should have been her middle name as she works extremely hard from start to finish without ever loosing that drive we all love on the field. Her high level of energy and confidence makes her fun to train and hunt with. Even as a pup, River has never been the dog to give up or hang her head low. She is very intelligent and trainable, never having an issue learning something new. She is a "go get em" kind of girl with a "give it all you got" kind of attitude making her a strong competitive athlete. 
River has a lovely pedigree starting with her sire "FC Thistle Rocks Red Ike MH QA2 WCX" and her Dam "HR Shurshot Max-Q Femme Nikita MH WCX ** OD". Both of these lines are stacked with Master Hunter titles, Field Champions and Amateur Field Champions.

With all of these things mentioned about her high level of energy, River is also a faithful companion. She has a beautiful off switch that makes having her as a house dog a breeze. Although house manners and rules needed to be established and reiterated, she caught on fast and proves herself a loyal and enjoyable part of our family. She has a fun, bouncy Tigger-like personality that never fails to put a smile on your face. She is an outstanding mother and loves to lead the younger members of our pack. She is no stranger to camping, family outings or to our bed.
River ran in the Junior Hunt Test stake this summer and she successfully qualified in all three runs making her 3 and 0! She currently needs one more pass to title.
River will be continuing towards a Senior title.



The cost of a puppy from this litter is $2300. 
Both parents are health tested with current CHIC numbers.
In order to hold your puppy, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required as well as submission and approval of a puppy application. Deposits will ONLY be refunded if we cannot provide you with a puppy, or if we can not provide you with the sex of puppy that you are interested in. Only three male deposits and three female deposits will be accepted until after puppies have arrived. Once the litter is born, we will take deposits on the remaining number of puppies born. 
Deposits may be sent via check, Paypal or Venmo. Preference will be given to performance or working homes. The remaining total of the puppy will be due at time of pick up in cash unless previously agreed upon by both buyer and seller.
Our puppies typically fall between medium and dark gold in color. This litter is expected to follow suit as both parents are dark gold. We do not guarantee color. 
*We have the option of first pick from any litter.* 
All puppies will be sold with AKC Limited Registration. This means that the puppy will be AKC registered but no future offspring of the puppy will be eligible for registration. Full registration will be available to those who complete all of the required OFA health testing and a full and complete Golden Retriever DNA panel. The requirements can be found under the "Puppy Contract" tab.
Once puppies have had a few days to settle in, and are warm and healthy, we will begin early neurological stimulation.
Puppies will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. 
All puppies will be chipped with an AKC Reunite Microchip, be vet checked, dewormed, and have their first set of puppy vaccinations before they go to their new homes. We do not remove their dew claws. Puppies will be picked up from our home unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon. 
We will ONLY ship puppies by an air nanny that is agreed upon by both buyer and seller. 
River has been bred to Vega and the pregnancy has been confirmed!
Puppies will arrive over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 
We look forward to welcoming you to the Rivereed Family!